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Top experiences

Hike, ride, discover, dive or relax... New Caledonia is full of experiences that will make your heart soar. The archipelago will fuel your travel with a thousand emotions from A for adrenaline, to Z for zen!

Join a bush barbecue on a ranch tour

Ranch Nouvelle-Calédonie

Join a bush barbecue on a ranch tour

Local savours
The only way to truly understand the stockmen and their way of life is by visiting their farms, located deep in the New Caledonian bush. Watching the livestock being rounded up on horseback is always an impressive sight, and sharing a family meal with the bushmen is an excellent opportunity to sample the local products.

Watch a rodeo at the fair

Bourail Fair New Caledonia

Watch a rodeo at the fair

Local fairs
On the wild West Coast of New Caledonia, cowboys really do roam the land! They are known as "broussards", or bushmen, and the best place to meet them is at an agricultural fair. Experience broussard culture, from their unique accents and hats to a real-life rodeo!