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Feel the Pulse

of New Cal

Feel the pulse!

Set off on an emotional journey to discover New Caledonia.
Within a few days, this remote archipelago will make you discover a brand new culture and guide you from activity thrills to breath-taking landscapes.
From the turquoise lagoons of the Isle of Pines to the red-earthed trails of the Great South, from the green cliffs of Hienghène to the vast plains of the West, in the air, on land or under water... Come feel the pulse of New Cal.

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Feel the Pulse of New Cal

10 reasons to choose
New Caledonia

The landscapes, the locals, the emotions, the thrills and the new experiences; whether smiling, crying with happiness, doing nothing or doing it all... Here are 10 reasons to fall in love with New Cal.

Reason 1

It has a variety of regions

Deva Estate, Bourail, New Caledonia
Blue River Park New Caledonia
Upi Bay, Isle of Pines, New Caledonia
Deva Estate, Bourail, New Caledonia

Outback plains on the West Coast. Tropical mountains on the East Coast. Eye-wateringly beautiful beaches in the Loyalty Islands. Buzzing city life in capital Noumea. Deserts in the Great South. You can have several different holidays in one! 

Reason 2

There’s an adventure on offer for all

Skydive New Caledonia
Skydive New Caledonia

Looking for a hit of adrenaline? Why not skydive over our UNESCO World Heritage Listed lagoon? More of a leisurely traveller with a penchant for wine and cheese? Try a tour of Noumea’s Port Moselle market followed by lunch at a French restaurant. Or do you love the great outdoors? Hike parts (or all!) of the Great South’s GRNC 1 100KM track. There’s really something to interest everyone.

Reason 3

It’s culturally rich

Kanak culture, dance, Isle of Pines, New Caledonia
Stockmen New Caledonia
Kanak culture, dance, Isle of Pines, New Caledonia

New Cal is a melting pot of people – French, Kanaks, Caledonians and more – so offers a unique cultural experience. Immerse yourself in a French language music festival like Francofolies. Visit the Tjibaou Cultural Centre in Noumea for a look back at the history of the Kanaks. Or head to the West Coast for a glimpse of New Cal cowboy life. Yeehaw!

Reason 4

It has great food and wine

Gastronomy, french cuisine, New Caledonia
Local cuisine New Caledonia
Gastronomy, french cuisine, New Caledonia

New Cal’s mix of cultures means you can enjoy French cuisine one day, fresh caught fish and other local produce the next, and a traditional Kanak bougna the day after that. You’d better arrive hungry…

Reason 5

Its beaches are tranquil and aren’t overcrowded

Ever dreamt of having your own private beach? Just come to New Cal where stumbling upon a deserted patch of pristine white sand happens on the regular.  Especially in the postcard-perfect Isle of Pines and Loyalty Islands – just turn up, sit back and embrace the feeling of solitude.

Reason 6

It can be experienced at any budget

Méridien Ile des Pins New Caledonia
Méridien Ile des Pins New Caledonia

Book a serviced apartment and enjoy delicious home-cooked meals made from the fresh produce at Port Moselle markets. Or treat yourself to a luxe resort like Le Meridien Noumea and enjoy gourmet meals, spa treatments and more. Whether on a beer or champagne budget, New Cal guarantees a great time for all.

Reason 7

You can see some of the world’s best-preserved reefs and marine life

Manta rey New Caledonia
Manta rey New Caledonia

Six parts of New Cal’s lagoon are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, meaning they’re well protected and home to some of the most incredible snorkelling in the world. Get up close and personal with beautiful coral, fish, turtles and more. Let us know if you ‘find Nemo’ 😉  

Reason 8

It’s a modern destination

Noumea New Caledonia
Noumea New Caledonia

What you gain in island paradise, you don’t lose in modernity. New Cal has well-paved roads (road trip anyone?) and modern international and domestic airports for getting around. It’s also safe for solo travellers, and, if travelling on an Aussie passport, you don’t need a visa. Yes please!

Reason 9

It’s easily accessible for families

Family holidays New Caledonia
Family holidays New Caledonia

You’ll find plenty of family friendly hotels – places like Chateau Royal Beach Resort offer two-bedroom suites, which are perfect for families. It has activities for all ages – even the little ones can enjoy a swim in the crystal-blue waters. It’s got food to suit all tastes – Amorino in Noumea serves ice creams shaped like a rose. Need we say more? 

Reason 10

It’s less than three hours from Sydney!

Talk about saving the best for last… this picture-perfect vacation destination is right at your doorstep – hello, gorgeous South Pacific neighbour! New Caledonia is only a short flight from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane meaning you can enjoy breakfast in Australia and dinner in a tropical paradise!