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Elise Cook


Elise Cook is an Australian storyteller, travel and lifestyle influencer, and wine maker based in South Australia. Elise travels Australia and the world with her husband and photographer, Domenic. Recently, they explored Australia for two years their Kombi van, Scout! Follow their work and travels here – Elise Cook & Domenic Palumbo

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Summary of the trip


Elise experienced the best of New Cal, and her followers were along for every step of the journey! Each day, Elise asked her community to vote on which activity she will do the following day, sharing the results and her experience on Instagram. Discover the trip in 1 minute! 


« We’ve never been to New Cal before! We're in need of a special getaway before an exciting new chapter of our life begins. We love the beach and getting out into nature, so we're really looking forward to immersing ourselves in this destination. »

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My trip to New Caledonia

Day 1 - Blue River Park

Kayaking in a drowned forest

The Blue River Park (Parc de la Rivière Bleue) is a national park, a protected space. It has walking and biking tracks, and is a favourite for New Caledonians to get out and visit on weekends. It has a large man-made lake in it, and a drowned forest - the trees that were existing on the land before the lake was made now poke out of the water!

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Paddle between the trees of the Drowned Forest

Day 2 - Isle of Pines

Swim with tropical fish in a natural pool

The Isle of Pines is a short 30 minute flight from Nouméa, and is one of the country's most famous spots. It's naturally beautiful area, kown for crystal-clear blue water, picturesque beaches. It's called the Isle of Pines because of the tall pine trees that appear there.

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Swim in the natural pool of Oro Bay

Day 3 - Amédée Island

Explore the island

Amédée Island is an island just off the coast of Noumea, with a stunning historic lighthouse. It is postcard perfect too - think sparkling blue waters and pristine sandy beaches.

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Spend a relaxing day at the foot of the Amédée Lighthouse

Day 4 - Loyalty Islands

Spending the day on Ouvéa

The Loyalty Islands are a string of islands that sit off the East Coast of New Caledonia. They're again postcard perfect - clear blue water, striking white sand beaches.

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Dance with manta rays 

Day 5 - West Coast

Have a BBQ with French cowboys

New Caledonia's West Coast is a mix of worlds. Off the coast sits a stunning lagoon, parts of which have been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008 thanks to their exceptional biodiversity. Inland, you can find cattle farms and French cowboys, called 'stockmen'! Many of these stockmen are from families who have been farming the area for generations.

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Join a bush barbecue on a ranch tour

Day 6 - Heart of Voh

Fly over the Heart of Voh

The Hert of Voh is the main attraction on the West Coast between Bourail and before hitting the North. It's natural formation in the mangroves that when viewed from the air. It was made famous by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, a photographer who shot it in the 90s. The Heart of Voh is famous image of New Caledonia. You'll be flying over it in a light aircraft.

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Fly over the Heart of Voh in a microlight 

Day 7 - Hienghène

Explore the underwater scenery while snorkeling around Hiega

Hieghène is located on New Caledonia's East Coast, which is famous for its lush flora. Hiega Islet is a small island located off the coast.

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